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Sense or Sensibility!


This is from my previous blog:

Many times I’ve been asked the question, “Is a belief in God and religion” reasonable? I thought about it and my answer is, obviously not. Religion has no logic, makes no sense and is the equivalent of putting 2 and 2 together and asking for a 5. But the caveat is that is that it isn’t supposed to make sense.

But then again, trying to apply reason to everything takes the magic out of life. I would like to believe that love exists for the sake of love, rather than neuro-chemical interactions that coerce us to bond. I would like to believe that when a mother bonds with their child, that there is indeed an unseen connection, rather than just hormonal action. I would like to believe that loyalty between people isn’t just out of fear, but out of an unreasonable belief in doing the right thing. I would like to believe that we serve and sacrifice out of selflessness and a sense of duty, rather than peer pressure and groupthink. I want to believe that when I laugh, it is because I’m happy, rather than having physical and mental criterial fulfilled to generate such laughter.

The world isn’t meant to be reasonable all the time, that’s what makes it special. It is essentially our belief in intangible concepts that make this life worth living. We put so much faith into things around us. There’s nothing reasonable about us humans, and I like it that way for the most.